|| .SX Frequently Asked Questions

Who can register a .SX domain name?
Any person or organization can register its .SX domain name(s). An address in the Sint Maarten Island is not required.

How long is the registration period?
The minimum period of registration is 1 year, although domain names can be registered for additional years by paying the Renewal Fee for those additional years. The maximum number of years a domain name can be registered is 10 years.

What if the name I want contains spaces or special characters?
Domain names may currently only contain: - The letters a - z - The numbers 0 - 9 - Hyphens (-) Domain names should consist of at least 3 letters and/or numbers and a maximum of 63 characters. It is not possible to let your domain start or end with a hyphen.

Are any domain names restricted?
Yes, some domain names are restricted due to:

  • the Domain Name represents a protected organizations' names, features or services
  • it is a banned Domain Name
  • it is reserved for future internal use of the registry.

What is the .SX dispute policy?
You can find that here.