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What's what about .WhosWho
  • .WhosWho is the new Internet address for personal branding, online networking and public discourse.
  • .WhosWho re-invents the Who's Who concept for the digital age. It is unrestricted and available for any conceivable use, with the only barrier to entry being your imagination.
Note: Your domain will not activate immediately. The .WHOSWHO Registry uses a PendingCreate process prior to releasing domains for activation to review each for compliance with the WhosWhoTerms of Acceptable Use. The domain will not resolve to any IP address until it has been released by the Registry, normally within 5 days. In cases where a domain is cancelled by the Registry, a full refund will be provided within 30 days. Using your .WhosWho domain
  1. Personal Branding Pages

    .WhosWho can be used by individuals and families to establish their permanent digital online identity. .WhosWho domain holders have the ultimate in portability, and each domain comes with email and web forwarding as part of the price. This allows for changing your email provider or home page, while maintaining your personal brand through email and URL redirect capabilities that are included as part of a .WhosWho domain registration.
  2. Communities and Directories

    .WhosWho can be used by entrepreneurs to build online communities and directories. Free from the spatial constraints of print media, online references such as Who's Who Online have developed formats that allow for extended biographic abstracts accessible even on smart phones and tablets. Other categories include occupations, industries, ethnic / alumni groups, geographic locations, sports enthusiasts, celebrities, and surnames. Rest assured, this is not your grandfather's Who's Who.
  3. Innovative Startups and Civic Initiatives

    Mexico's online Quien es quien (that's Who's Who in Spanish) is an reference for data about the top tier of state and federal government officials, including their holdings in public and private companies, and was instituted as part of anti-corruption efforts. No doubt there are billion-dollar startup ideas out there that could benefit from .WhosWho as part of their brand. Perhaps one of them is yours.

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General Availability

  • March 2, 2015
  • $99 per year
  • First come, first served
  • 5-day Pend/Create period
  • Period - 1-10 years

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